Top Hand Bags Trends in 2019

A fashion staple every year, the handbag is always the number one accessory on every fashionista’s wish list.   For the upcoming year, things don’t look to be too much different in that we’re seeing some of the most innovative handbag trends we’ve seen in years.  2013 looks to be a banner year for the handbag so get ready to accessorize until you drop.

2019 Hand Bag Trends

Starting things off is a style trend that is coming out of every major design house and brand for 2019: embellished handbags. The embellished look is going to be huge this year on every silhouette, but mainly on two types of bags: the clutch and the satchel.  Embellished daytime clutches are already pouring into the shops getting ready for the 2013 spring rush, with bags particularly heavy on studs, spikes, crystals, beads, and short fringes.

Embellished evening clutches are showing up with sparkling crystals, beadwork, and short fringe. Look to keep it in the small to medium range for embellished clutches as larger clutches tend to get too gaudy with embellishment. As for the classic satchel’s embellishments in 2019, look for studs, spikes, zippers, grommets, crystals, and beads on medium sized, top-handle bag.

Another big trend in handbags for 2019 is going to be the geometric patterns, mainly consisting of stripes and squares. We’re seeing this a lot in the 2019 collections from Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten, Fendi, and Marni. The rigid structure of modernism plays up nicely with the black and white geometric patterns we’re seeing in dresses this year, so look for many handbag designers to start to catch up with the big boys by the time spring rolls around.

Speaking of colors, the black and white overtones in fashion have toned down the bright colors of 2018 into the neutral ones of 2019. For those that liked the color blocking trend of 2018, it’s still in this year, only with more subdued colors. Fendi led the pack at the Paris Fashion week with other designers like Chloe and Michael Kors bringing their take on neutral color block handbags this year. Once again, look for the clutch and satchel to be big hits with this color blocking.

But if you are a fan of vibrant and bright colours, don’t fret. This year (as shown by the Dolce & Gabbana 2019 spring collection) insane prints with bold colors are in for handbags. Floral prints light up any outfit, no matter how subdued, giving you the perfect way to make a lasting impression that isn’t too over the top, even on the most sombre occasions. But don’t be afraid to take this one out of this galaxy: the crazier and more vividly colorful the print patterns are (especially floral), the better.

Lasting Trends

Raffia accents, canvas trims, and cutouts are big with mixed texturing such as pebbled, embossed and perforated leather handbags this year. For their 2019 spring collections, Diane von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, and Victoria Beckham all brought out their most innovative mixed texture handbags to date, making this an exciting year for pushing the line. This trend seems like it will stick around for more than just this year, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little on a mixed texture handbag that you can use for the next couple of years.

Speaking of trends that last more than a year, carrying over strongly from last year is the animal print craze. Animal prints were excitingly huge in 2018, but this year, they will be toned down a bit (just as bright color blocking was toned down by the black and white trend). Instead of the huge shoulder bags (which have now morphed into a solid color for tote bag trend), animal prints are showing up in the Dries Van Noten, Salvatore Ferragamo and Lanvin collections in the form of day bags and clutches. Look for the jaguar print and snakeskin leather to be the hottest animal prints this year.

Finally, it’s important to mention that the metallic trend for clothing and makeup has made its way into the 2019 spring collections of Philip Lim and Bottega Veneta.  The gold and silver motif will be big this year across the boards, not just accessories.

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